The sun, beach, sand, sea shells and the waves allure the glamorous beachwear to the airy nippy weather. Get ready to explore that holiday to the sunshiny side with frisbees, beach balls, dive into the sunny sea and orange sunset with kayak and boat rides.

A place where every body loves to relax, get that sun tan and comfort themselves with some good sea food, there might be a question as to what exactly needs to go into that beach bag along with the right beach wear. Tagin summarises that hot checklist with the right beach wear for every body type to help you define that beach vacation perfectly.

Before we hit the right beach wear lets have a look at those bare essentials that need to into that beach holiday bag:

Sunglasses: Look good with these for all faces and skin types. It protects your eyes from the sun and also looks trendy and fashionable.

Sun hats: Sport that hat with color patterns and contrast or match that beach wear the uber way.

Flip flops: Pick on a pair of matching flip flops and get ready to hit the beaches.

Some more add ons include moisturiser with spf 50, cleanser, cleansing wipes, after sun lotion, sun tan lotion, beach towels, antiseptic, travel phone power banks, camera, travel adapter, toothpaste, tooth brush, shaving cream, razor, fragrance, hair brush, travel hair dryer, and that big tote beach bag to carry off all these essentials.

If there is anything the sun asks on that beach is to get into those bikinis, swim suits and jump into the waves and have a gala time by sipping on cool spritzers and cocktails while you watch the sun setting down the magmatic mysterious sea. The choice of beach wear can ignite that personal fashion statement by enhancing figure, blending you to experience the right vacation with just a few simple tricks.

Beach Time | Tagin

Beach Time | Tagin

Check this list off to choose that right swim wear to create an optical illusion and enhance that body shape.

Firstly, look into the mirror and evaluate that figure and simply choose the body shape that closely resembles yours from the four basic body types: Hourglass, Pear-Shaped, Inverted Triangle and Athletic and learn which will suit you best.


For that perfect slender body ,shoulders and well defined waist and legs, spoil yourself with 1 piece or wear that bikini in halter necks, bandeau, push ups with classic hipsters, boy shorts or even that high leg. Go edgy with short beach sarongs to make that style statement.

Hour Glass |Tagin

Hourglass |Tagin


Look pretty and ultra feminine with curves on wide hips and narrow shoulders. Opt for a halter neck, crop tops and bikini briefs with a hipster waist. Knot that printed sarong around your waist or sport the 1 piece skirt swim wear for that summer sensation.

Pear Shaped |Tagin

Pear Shaped |Tagin

Inverted Triangle

Enhance femininity even with broad shoulders, narrow hips slim and athletic figure with 1-piece or try out a flattering V-neckline

If you are looking for a bikini preferably choose balconette top or even bandeau shape for the bottoms choose boy shorts to a perfect balance to that figure. Complement that outfit with an attractive beach skirt or wrap.

Inverted Triangle | Tagin

Inverted Triangle | Tagin


With slim hips and strong shoulders create those curves by flaunting high thigh shorts  or opt for that 1 piece with a belted waistline. Experiment with ruffles, patterns and detailing for some fun.

Athletic Body | Tagin

Athletic Body | Tagin

Choose those Colors Right

Ensure that the colors go well this season with you skin shade, with orange, red, and yellow for those fair skin types this summer. Choose dark shades of blue, black and green especially the seasons favourite olive for the dark skin. Enhance the season’s all time hit for that tan or bronze skin with pure whites.

Add on neons and prints for that extra fun factor or flaunt those kaftans, denim shorts with full sleeve linen shirts for that perfect sunset date with a pinacolda.

Sunset and Kaftans | Tagin

Sunset and Kaftans | Tagin

Check off these tips to look your best at the beach and get those hands on some funky accessories this season to sport an elegant fashionable and stylish beach look.

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