Airhostess Grooming

Look flawless and fresh at 30,000 feet above the ground with jet-setting advice.

The desirable career of every teenage girl is a prestigious chance to looking beautiful sky high at all times. The advantage to look remarkable and attractive is the most important part of an air hostess, as holiday season continues lets have a quick glance at looking good consistently with that gleaming skin and that polite smile.

Airhostess Grooming | Tagin

Airhostess Grooming | Tagin

Moisture Surge

The best secret to a happy dewy skin is a good moisturiser. Try the vitamin E and alovera content moistures as daily routines at morning and before you hit the bed for that soft supple skin.

Face Cleanser

Flush those face toxins away with a good gentle face wash. Use a cream based wash to kick off dryness at instant and a gel based wash for that anti shine comfort.


Scrub away gently to keep those facial pores clean at all times. Repeat twice a week for heavy make up usages.

Quick Defense

Carry cleansing wipes at all times in your bag to keep that skin refreshed and on the go and that hand sanitiser for bad bacteria defense.

Aroma Whiff

Dab on pleasant perfumes for that flight and remember to drop those miniatures into your bags for quick touch ups and mints for good breath while up in the air. Good smell is always a turn on.

All time carry airhostess bag |Tagin

All time carry airhostess bag |Tagin

3 Sticks Formula

This formula is a good saviour for those long hour flights. Carry that lipstick, chapstick and lip liner stick at all times for those last minute touch ups and hydrated moist lips.

Beauty trick: Ready those luscious lips with a good chapstick or a lip primer stick. Apply the lip liner all over the lip, this not only helps lining the lips but also evens out the lip color. Try nudes or the same shade lip liner close to the lipstick for optimum results. Sweep that signature matte lipstick on and bite those lips onto a tissue dabbed with translucent powder and sweep across another coat. This pressed on lipstick is sure to keep you away from those constant re touches.

Lashes and Brows

Choose light coated mascara formula for those dainty fresh eye lashes or accentuate that look with natural false lashes. Groom those brows with brow pencils and comb them for a nest and clean look.

Moisture Reloaded

Activate the skin moisture by that travel friendly moisture spray in your bag. Keep that skin radiant and pleasant up high with travel size body moisturisers and hand creams. Carry these all purpose skin emergency sprays in your bags for an all season supple skin quick trick.

Foundations and Concealers

Opt for matte foundations for an extra fresh and long stay look. Choose color extremely close to your skin color for that perfect shade. Concealers can vary according to skin type from cream to liquid based. Dab on that pressed or loose powder for a shine free look.

Incase of  tattoos and scars trouble, try the magical Derma concealers for cover ups. They are a big hit.

Say no to Shimmer

For that ultra chic and exceptional look try matte blushers or bronzers keeping that eye make up natural at best with little or no glitter. Try on gel based or liquid liners for that fine long stay eye line.


The best way to get that professional finesse into your daily make up is by brushes. Get these in a set or carry them with your make up essentials pouch always. All time favourites and must haves are the buffer brush, blusher brush, eyeshadow brush, blender brush, eyeliner brush, lip liner brush.

Jet set go | Tgain

Jet set go | Tgain

Keep those hair essentials in hand at all times for quick fix starting with dry shampoo the absolute saviour for bad hair days. A hair spray is a must add on for that neat frizzy free hair in air. Add don’t forget those scrunchies, doughnuts, u-pins and bobby pins in black to keep that mane tamed at anytime. If your style is a short hairdo, go ahead and make that investment in a good natural hair wig , they a big hit for that instant neat hair do.

Plan your quick fix bag and free yourself from excuses for that immaculate,fresh,flawless smudge free image.

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